bakes, baking, baked
1) VERB: no passive If you bake, you spend some time preparing and mixing together ingredients to make bread, cakes, pies, or other food which is cooked in the oven.

[V n] How did you learn to bake cakes?...

I love to bake.

Derived words:
baking N-UNCOUNT also the N

On a Thursday she used to do all the baking.

2) V-ERG When a cake or bread bakes or when you bake it, it cooks in the oven without any extra liquid or fat.

[V n] Bake the cake for 35 to 50 minutes...

The batter rises as it bakes.

[V-ed] ...freshly baked bread.

3) VERB If places or people become extremely hot because the sun is shining very strongly, you can say that they bake.

If you closed the windows you baked...

Britain bakes in a Mediterranean heatwave.

4) N-COUNT: usu n N A vegetable or fish bake is a dish that is made by chopping up and mixing together a number of ingredients and cooking them in the oven so that they form a fairly dry solid mass. [BRIT] aubergine bake.

5) See also baking

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(by heat), , , / (in the oven)

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